Year 4



We have 2 registration classes in Y4, 4JS and 4NB. To support learning in English and Maths, each morning we split into 3 groups to form an additional class (4FH). Our  year group teachers are Mrs Shaw, Miss Bell and Mrs Healey. Mrs Bowes and Mrs Middlebrook are our Teaching Assistants (TAs).

We are a brilliant year group that are kind and helpful to each other. We treat everyone with respect and sensibly follow our code of conduct. We believe in the Morley Academy core values and as a result, we always have a friendly atmosphere in our classrooms. We are very collaborative and enjoy discussing our work with ‘talk partners’. Y4 are developing our ‘growth mindsets’, so we try hard and never give up, learning from any mistakes we make (because this is how we improve!). We look after each other and feel safe when we come to school. As our learning is so important to us, we work hard every day to accomplish our targets and achieve our goals. We love having visitors and you are always welcome to come and see what we’re up to in class!

Below you will find the Curriculum Map for our year group, which lets you know what our Imaginative Learning Projects will be 2016-17. As you will see, there are lots of exciting things happening this academy year!


Curriculum Map


Meet the Staff

Mrs Shaw


Miss Bell


Mrs Bowes

Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs Middlebrook

Teaching Assistant